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    Roehl over dimensional transportation services Truck & Trailer

    Specialized & Over-Dimensional Transportation Services

    Let our elite team of experts move your specialized cargo.

    You want peace of mind when you ship your specialized cargo, and Roehl Transport will deliver. Our team will handle all the details. We have dedicated experts in permits and routing, and the right equipment and securement expertise to handle your heavy and over-dimensional loads. Our experienced team of specialized experts will ensure your shipments arrive safely and on-time. Whether it’s a one-time move or a time sensitive project with multiple waves of shipments, Roehl is the right solution for you.

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    Specialized Agriculture Tractor

    Roehl Transport is the right choice for your agriculture transportation needs. Our 5 and 6 axle double drop RGN trailers provide loadable front and back decks.
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    Helicopter on RGN Trailer

    Roehl Transport can be trusted with your iconic specialized transportation needs like this Hiller UH-12C Helicopter. N780ND is the actual helicopter featured in the movie in which James Bond, played by Sean Connery, is chased and attacked by SPECTRE in the 1963 James Bond film From Russia With Love.
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    Feeder Truck on 5-Axle Double Drop RGN

    Agriculture transportation needs include equipment like this feeder truck. Our 5-axle double drop RGN’s are equipped with 29’ in the well, loadable front and back decks as well as aluminum slide out outriggers for when we are transporting wider loads requiring a deck width greater than the standard 8’6” wide deck.
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    Modular Unit on 6-Axle Double Drop Stretch RGN

    Roehl Transport has the equipment to handle the modular units for today’s construction needs. Our 6 axle double drop RGN stretch trailers have 29’ in the well when closed and can be stretch to 50’ in the well. We can also provide load leveling cribbing to accommodate loads like this 60’ long x 16’ wide module.
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    Oversized Load with Escort

    Roehl Transport employs a staff of permit and escort experts to assure our oversized customers' products are transported in compliance with government regulations. This means your oversized or overweight loads have the proper permitting and meet the proper conditions, including using escort vehicles when necessary, giving you an extra level of confidence while our professional drivers move your loads safely.
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    Crated Machinery on Roehl's RGN Trailer

    Roehl Transport equips each driver & truck with the tarps and equipment to protect our customers' oversized loads, including crated machinery. You can be confident that your specialized loads will be protected from the elements because our professional drivers are trained to safeguard your freight, and they have the tools to do so.
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    Modular Construction at Job Site

    Modular construction has become more popular as it provides a more predictable outcome. Roehl Transport's Specialized Division complements our customers' efforts by providing dependable transportation solutions and management that helps our customers be successful though our on-time deliveries.
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    Concrete Precast Building

    This concrete precast building delivered to the Forest Service is an excellent example of how we work with our specialized customers to understand their needs, including how a precast structure is made. This is a key element to securing and transporting their unique freight properly.
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    Bulk Stainless Steel Storage Tank

    Our team has extensive experience transporting storage tanks and silos, especially pre-fabricated units that are used in industries from food manufacturing to the mining and blasting industries. Our drivers have the securement knowledge and equipment to ensure your specialized bulk storage or silos are delivered safely.
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